About Us

Two Churches?

So what are we?  Episcopalian?  Lutheran?  Luther-paleons?

Some of us are Episcopalian and some are Lutheran. Others are something in between. What is most important is that we are all Christians.  Our work is too important to remain separate. God has called us to important work in Centralia and beyond, and we are blessed to be able to do that work together. 

You may find that sharing a common mission is what you are looking for.  If you are curious, we invite you to visit us on Sunday at 11:30 am.  Our worship service is inclusive and interactive. It is rich and spirit filled.  We celebrate Communion each and every week. All are welcome.  On any given Sunday you may see neckties and dresses as well as shorts and sweatshirts. Whether you like to dress up or are more casual, just come as you are. 

What is Messy Church?
Messy Church gathers on the First Sunday of Each Month at 4:30 pm in our downstairs fellowship hall in a comfortable coffeehouse setting. We spend about 90 minutes eating, working on a craft or messy project, and having fun with things like music and a puppet show. It is open to everyone such as: kids and adults, young and old, members and non-members, reserved or outgoing, confident or curious.

How can I just show up? I don’t know anyone.
You do now. Here are our clergy. We would be glad to see you.

Father David Baumann and Family
Deacon Sylvia Howard